My first Color Writing paintings were created from an exploratory process that resulted in five essential steps – each providing distance between the finished work and any reference to the material world. Initially unorganized and experimental, I am now able to retrace my steps and repeat the process. I call the series "Color Writing" because it begins with stream-of-consciousness writing in marker on transparencies. I write in large block letters that overlap to create bright color swatches. I then cut and collage the transparencies to make a random arrangement of colors and marks, and photograph them outdoors, capturing the hues, values, and patterns of the collage as well as the reflection of light. I take dozens of photos so that I have several options from which to choose. Finally, I select 2-3 that seem promising and apply various digital manipulations, creating abstract arrangements to paint. I paint with water-mixable oils on wood panel, using a hard-edge technique, painting until I achieve the surface quality, colors, and values that seem to resolve the work.


I paint in an arguably orderly way employing linear steps and systems, but I allow my innate sensitivities to drive the composition and color choices without much rational thought. These choices feel connected to the same part of me that was good at solving mathematical equations. I find it hard to explain, but it has something to do with sensing how things fit together, what belongs, what doesn’t, and when balance has been achieved.